Selected videos of David Wood speaking

Presentations from the “Anticipating 2025” conference

“Predictions, good, bad, and ugly: roadblocks en route to 2025″

Day One welcome from conference chair (David Wood) and session moderator (Dean Bubley)

Day Two welcome: The critical importance of culture engineering

Creative Capital events

April 2015 

April 2016 

Interview on Singularity 1-1

Nikola Danaylov interviews David Wood on the future of futurism

London Futurists Academy presentations

The lead-up to the Singularity

Which technologies will have the biggest impact on humanity by 2025?

Zeitgeist Day presentations

“Fixing politics – by transcending politics” – presentation at Z-Day London 2017

“Identifying & overcoming the obstacles on the path to post-scarcity” – presentation at Z-Day London 2016

“Technological Unemployment” – presentation at Z-Day London 2015

“A Singularity and Humanity+ Perspective on Hopes for Human Sustainability and Progress” – presentation at Z-Day London 2013

EHA presentations

“Scenarios for the future of healthy life extension” – from Eurosymposium on Healthy Ageing, Brussels, October 2016

“Opposition to life extension: evaluating the critics of rejuvenation” – from Eurosymposium on Healthy Ageing, Brussels, October 2014

Miscellaneous presentations

“Discussion on Bloomberg TV of robots and technological unemployment”

“TransVision review: the social angle to technology and transhumanism” – from London Futurists event, December 2014

Presentation at IC Beyond (Imperial College Beyond Society), 11th Oct 2016 – “Robots will steal your jobs?!”

Presentation at OxTET (Oxford Transhumanism & Emerging Technologies), March 2014

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