Selected videos of David Wood speaking

Recent presentations

At the SingularityNET Decentralized Governance Summit, May 2023

“Vital Decentralization: The adaptive, resilient pathway to sustainable abundance”

At London Futurists, May 2023

“The Case for Singularity Activism”

Longevity Technology interview

With Phil Newman of Longevity Technology (source), June 2020

“David Wood demystifies the transhumanist agenda”

The Human Podcast interview

With Joe Murray, March 2022

“Futurist & Smartphone Pioneer”

Interviews on Singularity FM

Nikola Danaylov interviews David Wood on The Singularity Principles (July 2022)

Nikola Danaylov interviews David Wood on Transcending Politics (March 2018)

Nikola Danaylov interviews David Wood on the future of futurism (April 2015)

Presentations from TransVision events

Madrid, October 2021
“Exoplanets and the Singularity: Why everything will change”

Also at Madrid, October 2021
“Transforming London… Transforming the World?”

Madrid, October 2018
“The accelerating impact of Artificial Intelligence”

“TransVision review: the social angle to technology and transhumanism” – from London Futurists event, December 2014

Ascend Podcast

Surbiton, March 2019

“Artificial Intelligence and consciousness”

Blue Circle, India

Gurugram, December 2018

“Predicting 2025: Business & Work Life”

Presentations from Chosun Global Leaders Forum

Seoul, November 2017. In English with simultaneous translation into Korean.

“The Arrival of the Singularity Era”

“The future of fintech and crytocurrencies”

Presentations on the abolition of aging

“Can we live forever?” – Sky News “Off Limits” episode, 19th June 2019

“The ethics of anti-aging” – online talk to Oxford Society of Aging and Longevity and Effective Altruism Oxford, 1st Dec 2020

“Radical longevity for all by 2040: 50-50 chance?”- VSIM conference, 11th Sept 2021

“Scenarios for the future of healthy life extension” – London Futurists event, 25th June 2016

“Scenarios for the future of healthy life extension” – from Eurosymposium on Healthy Ageing, Brussels, October 2016

“Opposition to life extension: evaluating the critics of rejuvenation” – from Eurosymposium on Healthy Ageing, Brussels, October 2014

Presentations on the future of politics

“Is transhumanism the future?” – Interview by James Bickerton, March 2020

“Universal Basic Income and/or Alternatives – Opening presentation”, June 2018

“Universal Basic Income and/or Alternatives – Closing presentation”, June 2018

“Fixing politics – by transcending politics” – presentation at Z-Day London 2017

“Identifying & overcoming the obstacles on the path to post-scarcity” – presentation at Z-Day London 2016

“Technological Unemployment” – presentation at Z-Day London 2015

“A Singularity and Humanity+ Perspective on Hopes for Human Sustainability and Progress” – presentation at Z-Day London 2013

Presentations from the “Anticipating 2025” conference

“Predictions, good, bad, and ugly: roadblocks en route to 2025″

Day One welcome from conference chair (David Wood) and session moderator (Dean Bubley)

Day Two welcome: The critical importance of culture engineering

Creative Capital events

April 2015 

April 2016 

London Futurists Academy presentations

The lead-up to the Singularity

Which technologies will have the biggest impact on humanity by 2025?

Miscellaneous presentations

“Discussion on Bloomberg TV of robots and technological unemployment”

Appearance on Giant Healthy Innovators, 9th May 2019

Presentation at IC Beyond (Imperial College Beyond Society), 11th Oct 2016 – “Robots will steal your jobs?!”

Presentation at OxTET (Oxford Transhumanism & Emerging Technologies), March 2014

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