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Please contact Delta Wisdom regarding the availability of David Wood to facilitate workshops, present keynotes, catalyse change initiatives, tailor research reports, or to deliver TED-style talks, on any of the following topics:

>> Anticipating the future

  • The elephant on the footpath: Anticipating industry disruption
  • Scenarios for radical change over the next 3-10 years
  • Lessons from the organisations that succeeded – and those that failed – in managing disruption
  • Short-term actions to increase readiness for future shocks

>> The abolition of aging – a brighter future within our grasp

  • The technical feasibility of the abolition of aging
  • The clash of paradigms: accepting-aging vs. anticipating-rejuvenation
  • Evaluation of the social, economic, and moral objections to rejuvenation
  • Scenarios for timescales and deployment

 >> Anticipating 2025

  • Twenty technologies that could cause radical disruption by 2025
  • Major risks and crises that will co-exist with rich technological opportunity
  • Factors that can accelerate positive change whilst managing societal risk
  • Summarises insights from the volume “Anticipating 2025”

>> Anticipating 2040

  • Assessing the forecasts of optimistic futurists like Ray Kurzweil
  • Is it true that a technological singularity is near?
  • Options for handling “the long emergency”
  • The landscape of potential scenarios over the next 25 years

>> The future of artificial intelligence – how worried should we be?

  • Five factors that can accelerate the development of artificial superintelligence
  • The key answered and unanswered questions about superintelligence
  • Understanding the Control Problem and the Specification Problem
  • Reviews ideas from recent publications by Nick Bostrom, James Barrat, and others

>> Assessing radical futurism

  • Organisations that highlight existential risks
  • Techno-progressivism and social futurism
  • The biopolitical spectrum and the debate over moral enhancement
  • Transhumanism: the arguments for and against

>> Options for handling disruptive technology

  • Powerful examples of unexpected disruption
  • The “Innovator’s dilemma” brought up to date
  • Lean processes, agile execution, and continuous integration
  • Accelerating change via best practices in “culture engineering”

>> The creative transformation of medicine and healthcare

  • The super-convergence of new technologies
  • The paradox of Eroom’s Law
  • Five answers to the slow-down in development of new solutions
  • The critical role of new business models and new regulatory systems

>> Learning from the smartphone industry

  • Factors causing former smartphone industry leaders to stumble
  • Three dimensions of excellence for sustained successful performance
  • Implications for other emerging industries forming around new technologies
  • Highlights from the book “Smartphones and beyond”

>> What’s next for smartphones?

  • Smartphone technology and the Internet of Things
  • Wearable technology crossing the chasm to mainstream adoption
  • Next generation user interfaces
  • Increasing smartphone impacts in education, health, robotics, and communities

>> Thriving in times of profound change

  • Customised workshops based on elements chosen from the above programmes
  • Assessing organisational preparedness for disruption
  • Executive coaching in the midst of radical uncertainty
  • Identifying a strategy to break out of inertia and harness drivers for positive change

Feedback about workshop presentations by David Wood

“Saw this chap talk at a London SNP meeting last month. Have to say he looks at the future in a practical way :)” – Chris Atkinsson, 24 July 2016

“Big thanks to @dw2 for the fascinating talk and Q&A session at tonight’s meeting. Some real food for thought!” – London SNP, 15 June 2016

“Thanks @dw2 great / terrifying /energising #futurist session in Belfast” – Nick McDowell, 7 April 2016

“@dw2 great work moderating some highly opinionated panellists. Great fun! We got excellent feedback from audience” – Clara Durodie, 23 March 2016

“Fascinating talk by futurist David Wood @TSAMbuyside @dw2 #tsam2016” – BackBayCommunication, 15 March 2016

“Tremendous and exciting talk by @dw2 today about combatting aging with tech. #tech2020uk” – Jessie L, Twitter UK engineering lead, 3 March 2016

“Awesome & visionary speech by @dw2 on challenges posed by technology and innovation #brilliantbrains #InnovateMalvern” – Edward Davies, 9 Oct 2015

“I really like his presentation style, simple and to the point, this is a presentation worth watching for sure” – Firaz Hermez, 21 Sept 2015

“Amazing glimpse into the future with @dw2 – like being in a research tardis” – Creative Skillset, 10 Sept 2015

“@dw2 is excellent” – Tariq Rashid, 15 Aug 2015

“@dw2 I found your presentation thought provoking and it was great meeting you today at COMIT” – 41exander Couclelis, 13 Aug 2015

“Excellent material by @dw2 on four future perspectives: techno-sceptic, -conservative, -libertarian and -progressive” – Calum Chace, 30 July 2015

“Really enjoyed the session today on internet of things. Particularly enjoyed hearing and meeting @dw2” – Phil Mennie, 16 July 2015

“Great presentation by @dw2 on energy economics disrupted while we plan energy scenarios for future” – Filipe Moto da Silva, 7 July 2015

“Thanks so much to @dw2 David Wood the futurist for a fascinating conversation about robots, dinosaurs and whether Super Mario has feelings” – Rich and Andy, 30 June 2015

“Fantastic talk from @dw2 on how Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World predictions could come true” – Jane Morgan, 20 May 2015

“@dw2 Hey David, I really enjoyed your interview on @singularityblog. You covered some extremely interesting ground” – James Burland, 19 May 2015

“@dw2 very enjoyable presentation at Google Campus David” – Stefan Chmelik, 11 May 2015

“@dw2 your section on the four great convergences blew my mind. The future is exciting!” – Haroon James, 11 May 2015

“Amazing Insights!! Thanks David @dw2 @CampusLondon” – Harsimran Singh, 11 May 2015

“Great episode with @dw2 on @singularityblog” – Brian Fabian Crain, 30 Apr 2015

“Amazìng technology is on its way. Our whole lives will be unrecognisable. Incredible stuff from @dw2 #ZDayUK15” – Jen, 25 Apr 2015

“Watching @dw2 speak at #zday15 – awesome discussion around technology and the future of society” – Anthony Lavall, 25 Apr 2015

“Really enjoyed @dw2 ‘positive response to augmented reality'” – Elizabeth Rust, 10 Mar 2015

“Take the time to watch this presentation by David Wood . It will be the most valuable two hours you have spent in a long time!” – Kim Solez, 27 Dec 2014

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