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This is a convenient copy of an archive of a series of articles that were originally published on the Symbian corporate website.

The links have been adjusted to point to local copies of the material, now stored by Delta Wisdom.

The Insight series

David_Wood_newThe Insight series is a regular look at the smartphone industry, present and future, by Symbian’s David Wood.

Smartphones and the mass market (Sept 2005)

David Wood’s Insight series kicks off with a visionary look at the benefits and lifestyle changes that smartphones will bring to a wider mobile audience. More

Inside out. David Wood on platformization (Oct 2005)

David Wood talks us through smartphone platformization and how the maxim of ‘developing once and using often’ is driving down costs and driving up choice for the industry. More

Compound interest: Getting more than you expected from your smartphone (Nov 2005)

Conventional wisdom says that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. You can’t get something for nothing. In this thinking, if you benefit from an add-on application that you install on your smartphone, then you’ll have to pay an extra fee for that application. Right? Wrong! More

Smartphone programming goes mainstream (Dec 2005)

In his latest article David Wood addresses the developer community and reveals the secret to rapid realization of applications and services for Symbian OS-based devices. More

3GSM preview: this time it’s (almost) obvious (Jan 2006)

Join David Wood as he looks forward to the 2006 3GSM event and takes us through a brief recap on how a vision for smarter phones became a global reality. More

3GSM, a celebration of incremental improvement (Feb 2006)

With the advantage of hindsight, it’s clear that many technology forecasts have overemphasized technological possibility and under-estimated the complications of wider system effects. More

The hidden value of the mobile operating system (Mar 2006)

The hidden value of the mobile operating system David Wood steps in to qualify the growing Mobile OS debate with a hard look under the bonnets of Linux, Microsoft and Symbian OS and asks which is truly delivering a product purely for the mobile environment and who will ultimately bring smartphones to the mass market? More

Convergence comes of age (Apr 2006)

David Wood discusses convergence and Symbian’s central role in the future of the mobile lifestyle. More

The keystone of security (May 2006)

Do smartphones pose a danger to corporate security and well-being? To believe some recent analysts and commentators, smartphones carry an unseen threat of chaos, disruption, and financial loss into any company naive enough to tolerate their employees using them. More

New momentum for digital organizers (June 2006)

David Wood looks at how smartphones can improve the way we organize our lives. More

The personal gateway to unbounded diversity (July 2006)

It’s a popular pastime at mobile industry events to ask a set of panellists what they think will be the next “killer app” for smartphones. More

Unexpected convergence (Aug 2006)

One way you can tell the health of a product platform is via the number of happy product surprises it gives you. More

Beyond the browser (Sept 2006)

In his latest Insight article, David Wood discusses the trends that are in progress which are busily reshaping the worlds of networked intelligence and communications. More

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