Hangout On Air discussions chaired by David Wood

London Futurists events

On behalf of London Futurists, David Wood chairs an occasional series of “Hangout On Air” (HOA) events.

As they are being recorded, these events can be viewed in real-time, either on YouTube, or on Google+.

Audience members who watch via Google+ are able to raise questions, and to vote (via the ‘+1’ mechanism) on questions raised by other viewers. The HOA panellists generally seek to address the highest-ranked questions in the course of their discussion.

Will science and technology save the world?

  • Panellists Nikola Danaylov, Kim Solez, Jay Friedenberg, Seth Weisberg
  • Recorded Sun 4th Mar 2018

Reversing Aging – 2018 update

  • Panellists Johnny Adams, Elizabeth Parrish, Sven Bulterijs, Ilia Stambler, Elena Milova
  • Recorded Sun 11th Feb 2018

Technological Resurrection

  • Panellists Jonathan Jones, Giulio Prisco, Katie Metaverse, and Alexey Turchin
  • Recorded Sun 21st Jan 2018

H+Pedia: Progress, plans, possibilities

  • Panellists include Chris Monteiro and David Wood
  • Recorded Sun 6th Dec 2015

Robots, unemployment, and basic income

  • Panellists James Hughes, Gary Marchant, and Marshall Brain
  • Recorded Sun 11th May 2014

Terminator or transcendence: The future of super AI, Hollywood and beyond

  • Panellists Calum Chace, Stuart Armstrong, and Nikola Danaylov
  • Recorded Sun 4th May 2014

Priority actions for a positive 2025

  • Panellists Ben McLeish, Rohit Talwar, David Pearce, and Amon Kalkin
  • Recorded  Sun 16th February 2014

Our Final Invention – AI and the end of the human era

  • Panellists James Barrat, Jaan Tallinn, William Hertling, and Calum Chace
  • Recorded Sun 26th January 2014

Ramez Naam discusses Nexus, Crux, and The Infinite Resource

  • Panellists Ramez Naam, Randal Koene, Michell Zappa, and Giulio Prisco
  • Recorded Sun 12th January 2014

The Naked Future – A World That Anticipates Your Every Move

  • Panellists Patrick Tucker, Gray Scott, David Orban, Evan Selinger, and Rachel Armstrong
  • Recorded Sun 15th December 2013

The future of cryonics

  • Panellists Max More, Anders Sandberg, Natasha Vita-More, and Garret Smyth
  • Recorded Sun 1st December 2013

Which technologies will have the biggest impact by 2025?

  • Panellists: Kevin Russell, Peter Rothman, Riva-Melissa Tez, Clyde DeSouza, and José Luis Cordeiro
  • Recorded Sun 3rd November 2013

Futurists discuss The Transhumanist Wager, with Zoltan Istvan

  • Panellists: Zoltan Istvan, Giulio Prisco, Rick Searle, and Chris T. Armstrong
  • Recorded Sun 20th October 2013

Projects to accelerate radical healthy longevity

  • Panellists Franco Cortese, Ilia Stambler, Maria Konovalenko, and Aubrey de Grey
  • Recorded Sun 29th September 2013

Transhumanists discuss Dan Brown’s ‘Inferno’

  • Panellists Giulio Prisco, Peter Rothman, and David Orban
  • Recorded Sun 30th June 2013

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