About Delta Wisdom

Delta Wisdom is an independent futurist consultancy and publisher.

Delta Wisdom assists clients by:

  • Injecting urgency into discussions of the future,
  • Highlighting important accelerators and brakes for radical changes ahead,
  • Uncovering engaging visions with the power to motivate and sustain,
  • Analysing successes and failures of previous foresight initiatives,
  • Bringing new vitality to strategic reviews,
  • Providing tools and processes with immediate applicability,
  • Enabling adoption of ‘Agile Futurism’ and ‘Collaborative Futurism’.

Delta Wisdom helps clients to anticipate

  • the dramatic impact of rapidly changing technology on human individuals and communities,
  • and the opportunities to apply technology in new solutions to deep-rooted problems.

Delta Wisdom Ltd is a private company limited by shares.
Company no. 07056658 on the Registrar of Companies for England and Wales.

The Principal of Delta Wisdom is David W. Wood
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