Delta Wisdom is an independent futurist consultancy and publisher.

Delta Wisdom assists clients by:

  • Injecting urgency into discussions of the future
  • Highlighting important accelerators and brakes for radical changes ahead
  • Analysing successes and failures of previous foresight initiatives
  • Bringing new vitality to strategic reviews
  • Providing tools and processes with immediate applicability
  • Enabling adoption of ‘Agile Futurism’ and ‘Collaborative Futurism’
  • Uncovering engaging visions with the power to motivate and sustain.

Popular workshops

Please contact Delta Wisdom regarding the availability of David Wood to facilitate workshops, present keynotes, catalyse change initiatives, tailor research reports, or to deliver TED-style talks, on any of the following topics:

>> Anticipating the future

  • The elephant on the footpath: Anticipating industry disruption
  • Scenarios for radical change over the next 3-10 years
  • Lessons from the organisations that succeeded – and those that failed – in managing disruption
  • Short-term actions to increase readiness for future shocks

>> The future of artificial intelligence – how worried should we be?

  • 12 ways that AI could become very different from today’s in just 5-10 years time
  • Five ways that powerful AI could go wrong
  • The key answered and unanswered questions about superintelligence
  • Frameworks to steer the emergence of more powerful beneficial AI

>> Technology and the radical transformation of politics

  • Why technological change is presently making politics worse rather than better
  • Ten legitimate causes of the fear and unrest that are destabilising society – and suggested technoprogressive responses to these issues
  • A technoprogressive roadmap for the co-evolution of better humans and better politics over the next 10-20 years
  • The opportunity to transcend the present-day divisiveness of right-wing vs. left-wing politics

>> The abolition of aging – a brighter future within our grasp

  • The technical feasibility of the abolition of aging
  • The clash of paradigms: accepting-aging vs. anticipating-rejuvenation
  • Evaluation of the social, economic, and moral objections to rejuvenation
  • Scenarios for timescales and deployment

 >> Anticipating 2030

  • Twenty technologies that could cause radical disruption by 2030
  • The wider implications of the fourth industrial revolution
  • Major risks and crises that will co-exist with rich technological opportunity
  • Factors that can accelerate positive change whilst managing societal risk

>> Anticipating 2040

  • Assessing the forecasts of optimistic futurists like Ray Kurzweil
  • Is it true that a technological singularity is near?
  • Options for handling “the long emergency”
  • The landscape of potential scenarios over the next 25 years

>> The case for transhumanism

  • Transhumanism: the arguments for and against
  • The biopolitical spectrum and the debate over moral enhancement
  • Techno-progressivism and social futurism
  • A transhumanist assessment of existential risks and existential opportunities

>> Options for handling disruptive technology

  • Powerful examples of unexpected disruption
  • The “Innovator’s dilemma” brought up to date
  • Lean processes, agile execution, and continuous integration
  • Accelerating change via best practices in “culture engineering”

>> The creative transformation of medicine and healthcare

  • The super-convergence of new technologies
  • The paradox of Eroom’s Law
  • Five answers to the slow-down in development of new solutions
  • The critical role of new business models and new regulatory systems

>> Learning from the smartphone industry

  • Factors causing former smartphone industry leaders to stumble
  • Three dimensions of excellence for sustained successful performance
  • Implications for other emerging industries forming around new technologies
  • Highlights from the book “Smartphones and beyond”

>> What’s next for smartphones?

  • Smartphone technology and the Internet of Things
  • Wearable technology crossing the chasm to mainstream adoption
  • Next generation user interfaces
  • Increasing smartphone impacts in education, health, robotics, and communities

>> Thriving in times of profound change

  • Customised workshops based on elements chosen from the above programmes
  • Assessing organisational preparedness for disruption
  • Executive coaching in the midst of radical uncertainty
  • Identifying a strategy to break out of inertia and harness drivers for positive change

Feedback about presentations by David Wood

“I very much enjoyed this talk, a great speaker who delivered a huge amount of content succinctly with confidence and engaged with the group answering many questions” – Davona Hirlehey, 30th Nov 2020

“Fantastic talk tonight from @dw2 on the fundamentals of AI and where we are heading with this tech” – Craig Felton, 24th Feb 2020

“Thanks David Wood for the super interesting talk last night on Artificial Intelligence! It was eye-opening for how our society is going to look like when #ai is everywhere” – Mirenna Larisa Calimache, 21st Jan 2020

“Such an beneficial evening with very simple but factual information! Especially the last two slides, answers all questions! Thank you!” – Stephanie Chiu, 20th Jan 2020

“Heard David Wood today at #FutureHumanist event today. Highly recommend him as a speaker if you want to hear perspectives on how technology can change the human race – to be better than yesterday. #GreatVision” – Mac Karlekar, 1st Jul 2019

“Truly fascinating lecture by David Wood  at Devonshire Club in London. Audience was fantastic, one conversation on AI Futurism like few others” – Julio Alejandro, 13 Mar 2019

“@dw2 fabulous presentation and scary stuff on #AI at Devonshire tonight! Thank you” – Dione Jacomel, 7 Mar 2019

“My vote for best #GIANTHealth2018 talk of the day goes to @dw2, simply brilliant!!!” – Adedeji Majekodunmi, 21 Nov 2018

“Mind blowing talk from David Wood on the radical transformation of healthcare as the fourth industrial revolution accelerates! #GIANTHealth2018 #Industry4.0 #eaglelabs” – Jen Estherby, 21 Nov 2018

“Great talk and very well presented to those who have little or no knowledge on the topic. Well structured presentation with lots of interesting examples to provide evidence of what David was talking about.” – Jennifer, 30 Mar 2018

“If you’re in anyway fascinated by AI, you should definitely attend this talk. Engaging speaker, well structured talk and very interesting!” – Olly, 28 Feb 2018

“Thank you for your great insights on the subject of AI at last week’s talk – very illuminating and full of interesting provocations” – Nadezhda Zhelyazkova, 17 Jan 2018

“Brilliant talk, very interesting and thoroughly enjoyable. Thanks so much, highly recommended!” – Rico, 12 Jan 2019

“David has an exceptional gift for explaining tough subjects like AI to the general audience” – Miguel, 11 Dec 2017

“Thought provoking, intellectual, an engaged & attentive large audience. You presented the issues with such clarity & relevance, which invites us to naturally want to discover more. Terrific job tonight, to raise our awareness and prompt further study. Very impressive concise yet comprehensive communication” – Ray, 11 Dec 2017

“Brilliant eye opening talk which I feel very effectively conveyed the gravity of these important issues. Felt completely engaged throughout and would highly recommend. David was an excellent speaker” – Edward, 8 Nov 2017

“Very knowledgeable, straight to the point, good presentation skills. Highly recommended” – Thomas, 7 Nov 2017

“A superb talk that really covered the main arguments relating to artificial intelligence and its future improvement. Would certainly recommend it to a friend” – André, 6 Nov 2017

“David is a fascinating and passionate speaker on the topic, and he has a lot of interesting facts to back him up” – Alexander, 28 Jun 2017

“Inspiring, well informed and riveting. Well done David” – Ramesh, 27 Jun 2017

“Highly interesting and will be attending more of his and London Futurist events. Excellent speaker delivering thought-provoking content” – Jay, 26 Apr 2017

“Excellent talk! David held my attention the entire time with the fascinating topic and his brilliant presentation!” – Helen, 25 Apr 2017

“Super-interesting and thought-provoking talk by David Wood” – Amanda Manekshaw, 24 Mar 2017

“Fascinating talk by @dw2 on the future of technology & augmented reality. Tomorrow’s world sounds equally scary & exciting” – Charlie McWilliams, 24 Mar 2017

“The amazing futurist David Wood demystifying augmented humanity for our marketing mentors and innovative tech startups” – Friday Club London, 24 Mar 2017

“Love this guy @dw2 super smart and insightful talk on ‘The Augmented Human'” – Karen Boswell, 24 Mar 2017

“David, this was a superbly organized and ambitious event with high quality (some outstanding) talks. Hugely enjoyable and a switched on audience. London would be much diminished without the energy and intellect you bring to the capital” – Evan Parker, reflecting on Transpolitica 2016, 5 Dec 2016

“I had a really great day yesterday. All the talks were fascinating and entertaining. Best meeting ever! Thanks David!” – Paul Sherlock, reflecting on Transpolitica 2016, 4 Dec 2016

“@dw2 brilliantly kicked off the Professional Translation in a pre-singularity World Panel #TC38” – FIT President Henry Liu, 18 Nov 2016

“By far the best Newsletter of Futures events in London” – Luke Robert Mason, referring to London Futurists news, 14 Oct 2016

“Great talk from David Wood about the need to be agile when looking at the future of your business #comit2016” – City-Insights, 28 Sept 2016

“Saw this chap talk at a London SNP meeting last month. Have to say he looks at the future in a practical way :)” – Chris Atkinsson, 24 July 2016

“Big thanks to @dw2 for the fascinating talk and Q&A session at tonight’s meeting. Some real food for thought!” – London SNP, 15 June 2016

“Thanks @dw2 great / terrifying /energising #futurist session in Belfast” – Nick McDowell, 7 April 2016

“@dw2 great work moderating some highly opinionated panellists. Great fun! We got excellent feedback from audience” – Clara Durodie, 23 March 2016

“Fascinating talk by futurist David Wood @TSAMbuyside @dw2 #tsam2016” – BackBayCommunication, 15 March 2016

“Tremendous and exciting talk by @dw2 today about combatting aging with tech. #tech2020uk” – Jessie L, Twitter UK engineering lead, 3 March 2016

“Awesome & visionary speech by @dw2 on challenges posed by technology and innovation #brilliantbrains #InnovateMalvern” – Edward Davies, 9 Oct 2015

“I really like his presentation style, simple and to the point, this is a presentation worth watching for sure” – Firaz Hermez, 21 Sept 2015

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“@dw2 Hey David, I really enjoyed your interview on @singularityblog. You covered some extremely interesting ground” – James Burland, 19 May 2015

“@dw2 very enjoyable presentation at Google Campus David” – Stefan Chmelik, 11 May 2015

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“Watching @dw2 speak at #zday15 – awesome discussion around technology and the future of society” – Anthony Lavall, 25 Apr 2015

“Really enjoyed @dw2 ‘positive response to augmented reality'” – Elizabeth Rust, 10 Mar 2015

“Take the time to watch this presentation by David Wood . It will be the most valuable two hours you have spent in a long time!” – Kim Solez, 27 Dec 2014

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