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Please contact Delta Wisdom regarding the availability of David Wood to facilitate workshops, present keynotes, catalyse change initiatives, tailor research reports, or to deliver TED-style talks, on any of the following topics:

>> Learning from the smartphone industry

  • Factors causing former smartphone industry leaders to stumble
  • Three dimensions of excellence for sustained successful performance
  • Implications for other emerging industries forming around new technologies
  • Highlights from the book “Smartphones and beyond”

>> What’s next for smartphones?

  • Smartphone technology and the Internet of Things
  • Wearable technology crossing the chasm to mainstream adoption
  • Next generation user interfaces
  • Increasing smartphone impacts in education, health, robotics, and communities

>> Anticipating 2025

  • Twenty technologies that could cause radical disruption by 2025
  • Major risks and crises that will co-exist with rich technological opportunity
  • Factors that can accelerate positive change whilst managing societal risk
  • Summarises insights from the volume “Anticipating 2025”

>> Anticipating 2040

  • Assessing the forecasts of optimistic futurists like Ray Kurzweil
  • Is it true that a technological singularity is near?
  • Options for handling “the long emergency”
  • The landscape of potential scenarios over the next 25 years

>> The future of artificial intelligence – how worried should we be?

  • Five factors that can accelerate the development of artificial superintelligence
  • The key answered and unanswered questions about superintelligence
  • Understanding the Control Problem and the Specification Problem
  • Reviews ideas from recent publications by Nick Bostrom, James Barrat, and others

>> Assessing radical futurism

  • Organisations that highlight existential risks
  • Techno-progressivism and social futurism
  • The biopolitical spectrum and the debate over moral enhancement
  • Transhumanism and Humanity+

>> Options for handling disruptive technology

  • Powerful examples of unexpected disruption
  • The “Innovator’s dilemma” brought up to date
  • Lean processes, agile execution, and continuous integration
  • Accelerating change via best practices in “culture engineering”

>> The creative transformation of medicine and healthcare

  • The super-convergence of new technologies
  • The paradox of Eroom’s Law
  • Five answers to the slow-down in development of new solutions
  • The critical role of new business models and new regulatory systems

>> Thriving in times of profound change

  • Customised workshops based on elements chosen from the above programmes
  • Assessing organisational preparedness for disruption
  • Executive coaching in the midst of radical uncertainty
  • Identifying a strategy to break out of inertia and harness drivers for positive change

Feedback about workshop presentations by David Wood

“I really like his presentation style, simple and to the point, this is a presentation worth watching for sure” – Firaz Hermez, 21 Sept 2015

“Amazing glimpse into the future with @dw2 – like being in a research tardis” – Creative Skillset, 10 Sept 2015

“@dw2 is excellent” – Tariq Rashid, 15 Aug 2015

“@dw2 I found your presentation thought provoking and it was great meeting you today at COMIT” – 41exander Couclelis, 13 Aug 2015

“Excellent material by @dw2 on four future perspectives: techno-sceptic, -conservative, -libertarian and -progressive” – Calum Chace, 30 July 2015

“Really enjoyed the session today on internet of things. Particularly enjoyed hearing and meeting @dw2” – Phil Mennie, 16 July 2015

“Great presentation by @dw2 on energy economics disrupted while we plan energy scenarios for future” – Filipe Moto da Silva, 7 July 2015

“Thanks so much to @dw2 David Wood the futurist for a fascinating conversation about robots, dinosaurs and whether Super Mario has feelings” – Rich and Andy, 30 June 2015

“Fantastic talk from @dw2 on how Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World predictions could come true” – Jane Morgan, 20 May 2015

“@dw2 Hey David, I really enjoyed your interview on @singularityblog. You covered some extremely interesting ground” – James Burland, 19 May 2015

“@dw2 very enjoyable presentation at Google Campus David” – Stefan Chmelik, 11 May 2015

“@dw2 your section on the four great convergences blew my mind. The future is exciting!” – Haroon James, 11 May 2015

“Amazing Insights!! Thanks David @dw2 @CampusLondon” – Harsimran Singh, 11 May 2015

“Great episode with @dw2 on @singularityblog” – Brian Fabian Crain, 30 Apr 2015

“Amazìng technology is on its way. Our whole lives will be unrecognisable. Incredible stuff from @dw2 #ZDayUK15” – Jen, 25 Apr 2015

“Watching @dw2 speak at #zday15 – awesome discussion around technology and the future of society” – Anthony Lavall, 25 Apr 2015

“Really enjoyed @dw2 ‘positive response to augmented reality'” – Elizabeth Rust, 10 Mar 2015

Take the time to watch this presentation by David Wood . It will be the most valuable two hours you have spent in a long time!” – Kim Solez, 27 Dec 2014

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